Welcome to the White Soul Family.


I thought it about time that I said hello and showed my face to the man pulling the strings behind the scenes, well Lady. – Hi. I am Lauren and i welcome you into my world.

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Okay so here you will not find any of the pro-sales type posts but more to let you into the little world I live in. You will find my inspirations, hobbies, likes, dislikes and overall I guess a little insight into me as a person. My Story or whatever you wish to call it. A journey and a transition of changes life can offer. I am in the process of packing up my ‘normal’ life and following my dreams, so lets see how it goes. I have quit my day job and am moving overseas to follow my hearts love for the sunshine and the warmer weather, and hopefully with it – the start of the next chapter.


But: for now I will talk about the company as this is what had brought you to reading this right now. This is my dream and my goal.

I want to promote self expression, creativity and originality. Be yourself and don’t let the world tell you who or what you should be.

Moon logo 3 TM black mod.png

The White Soul Company: an umbrella for my passions and how I chose to express myself and work towards a more sustainable future. I believe that fashion and the way that we view the Fashion Industry has to change to help move the world into new (or old) phases of sustainable manufacture. If we are adamant we are to continue to live here as a species and not wipe ourselves out, something needs to change. Im sure over the next few months I can help educate you all on the problems of Fast Fashion and the alternatives and options we have. (hopefully with more companies like mine cropping up to make it easier on you) Theres no better time to start now, and I’m presuming that if you have been guided to find this then you already have an open mind to the way you chose to live your life and work towards a more sustainable future. If not, let me help you open your thoughts to a different world.


Food: We all love food.  I have been vegetarian for about 8 years+ now and more recently into Veganism. I love to cook (when i find the time) and home cooking is always the best! I will share some lovely recipes I find with you all. I need to hunt out some awesome comfort foods which i have to admit I am guilty of needing on these cold wintery evenings. Ill start some experimenting and come back to you. ❤ ❤

Fashion is the worlds second biggest industry after food. So naturally, we need to look at our diets and the food we are eating. How its grown, farmed and packaged before its put onto the shelves before our plates. We don’t think very much of the journey of things before they come to us.

I try to lead as much of a Vegan/Organic/Raw lifestyle as I can. Not just for the environment or the workers and people involved but also for my own bodies demands. High sugars, processed products and lack of nutrition does the body far from any good never mind the mind or the soul. I guess it all comes down to a little self-love. If you cant care for yourself properly then how can you help others to see and care for themselves to function with 100% potentials.

I don’t know what your diets are, how you eat or what you drink and I am not here to judge. Just to help and show you that the worlds of food and fashion can be far from boring and nice. Its all about education and learning compared to the ease and conditioning of just picking something from off the shelves. So stay tuned for some awesome super healthy and super vegan foods! Okay maybe not so healthy aha. But definitely delicious and yummy. ❤


As for now, I would love for you all to follow and share my Instagram and Facebook posts @thewhitesoulcompany and @laurenannpearce for more insights into the progress of the company. So many ideas and so much growth to come from this. Like I said at the beginning of the post I am slowly shedding the energies and moving into a new stage of my life where I welcome passion, positivity, success and happiness. Which yes we are all hunting for but it all comes down to the small things in life and how we chose to see the outside world. ❤

A little song for the day:

The Lumineers – Sleep on the Floor

For today,

Lauren. x


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