Welcome to 2018

Okay so I am back!

Its been a little while but I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and welcomed in the New Year with a BANG!

Me, myself — I have had a super busy few weeks! Well, a good month and a half really. I have got back on my horse and now wish to make this a regular monthly thing for you all. I said I was leaving my ‘day job’ to throw heart and soul into my beloved company. ❤ Which I have and have set goals for a really strong and successful 2018! SOOOO… much planned! So I have to get started! Eeek!

I moved out of town and have had a wonderful Christmas! I spent some well needed time with my family and have got myself back on track. (me and Deacon really loved the snow btw)!

But I wont sit here and talk too much about myself. I do have an important topic for this post.

Sustainable Fashion:

Something I find myself very passionate about, and I said I would write to you of my passions so why not best start with a good one.


“Sustainable fashion, also called Eco fashion, is a part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility. It can be seen as an alternative trend against fast fashion,” – So theres your official definition. Blahh.. Blahh..

Basically, clothing and fashion produced in ways which the growing, farming, processing and wearing does not harm the environment, wildlife and workers involved throughout all stages of production. Yay!!

Sustainable Fashion can be a varied of things too and not just buying Organic products with hefty price tags or simple basic garments produced from Bamboo or Hemp. THEY CAN ACTUALLY BE INTERESTING! >> insert www.thewhitesoulcompany.co.uk << Jokes of course, but no seriously you can help support in so many ways.

A good place to start is to recycle what you do have and stop the HUGE amounts of clothing waste our landfill see each year. We tend to keep items for a maximum of 3 years in out wardrobes before getting rid. With only really using it most within the 1st year of purchase.

In the UK alone each individual on average wastes up to 70 kg of textile to landfall each year. Thats crazy!! Fast, cheap fashion means we are more willing to get rid instead of reuse! I mean, we don’t have to personally figure out ways genius way to remodel our clothes but charities, homeless shelters, friends and families all love hand me downs! (I mean I always used to right! Free clothes!) Also, with the fantastic technological revolution, we now have access to apps where you can swap, buy and borrow clothes from people nationwide. (Vinted, Swapz, ThredUP – to name a few. Get on your App Store.)

Granted, not all items can be sold, swapped or even given away, but even the most tattiest of rags can have some use. My Grandma often uses old t-shirts for dusting rags or window cleaning cloths and give them to my Grandad and he would have many uses in the shed and garden. Just a little creativity and one mans waste equals another mans wonder.!!

Then we come onto the goldmines of the future, actually engineering fabrics which ARE through and through completely sustainable! Hemp and Bamboo (yes the hard stuff panda munch on) are basically no brainers in this area. I mean they need no pesticides or any harmful chemicals and they grow 1000000X faster than cotton. (yes thats an exaggeration but you get where I’m coming from) More yield at a quicker pace and without the nasty chemicals needed because bugs genuinely don’t find them yummy!! Plus they are naturally bio-degradable and naturally antibacterial and UV light filtering (just to name a few positives) but thats just showing off now really isn’t it.
Simple: they are good for you and for the planet.

Now this isn’t saying cotton is the problem, but the man-made fibres they are blended with (cough plastics) are! And unfortunately, most garments are a poly-cotton blend. Its just Fast Fashion! High supply and quick demands and well, what do you really expect? Poor quality. Its like going to McDonalds and expecting a 5* fancy French 3 course, candle lit meal. You get what you pay for.

Not to mention the problem the world has with plastic, mmmm… but then: not to mention the problem the world has with McDonalds……..

Now cottons not a ‘super-fibre’ with fancy benefits, but it is still used to help blend with other fibres and its still used to blend into its fancy cousins. It has its positives and negatives but thats then where your organics come into it. To avoid as much damage as possible, it’s a little more hard work but its sooooo.. Worth it when you try on your beautiful new shirt knowing that no animals, humans or plants have come to any harm for you to be able to look this good.

I mean, yeah your organics can be expensive but ‘tadaaaa’ (waves wand) I’m here to show you that they don’t have to be and they still look awesome, feel awesome and actually are helping save the planet, which I mean, come on — thats pretty awesome!
Toot Toot all aboard the Eco-Fashion Train! Aha maybe that was too far.

But yeah, I hope I am getting my point through. We are all becoming so aware of what we are putting in our bodies we now need to think about what we are putting on them as well.

Food for thought.

Until next time,

Lauren x

P.S. – Here’s a quick video on the Business of Fast Fashion.


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